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Carol Collmer McLaren

Carol Collmer McLaren is a writer with decades of experience in living with and meeting people of different cultures and writing in many different genres from stories to articles to teaching lessons to special interest writing. Meeting people and sharing their stories with a wider audience led her to write a weekly newspaper column for several years. Her education includes a B.A. from Baylor University in English, Journalism and Political Science, with a special concentration in Secondary Education and Spanish. She also has an associate degree in gerontology–the study of aging. With such a broad background, Carol has an appreciation for the unique perspective each person brings to his or her own story for family and friends. Carol works out of the Northern Arizona area.

Words from Clients:

‘…I can see again how valuable your objective and professional reviews are and would be for all who write.  You add a polishing brightness to our works…I’ll definitely be back.’ – C. Page Highfill, AIA Emeritus.

‘…Carol truly made a significant difference in presenting our materials in an organized and coherent manner.  She also facilitated the translation of our website into spanish…and was able to help us present the conceptual meaning rather than a pure translation.  We highly recommend Carol McLaren for anyone who is looking for someone to write their story or help present a professional image.’ – Ruth Lester, President, Empower the Poor.

‘…Impressed and overjoyed…I’m blessed that God allowed our paths to cross.’ – Judi Reid, Author