Special Pet Package

A favorite pet is a special member of your family

When a beloved pet comes into our lives and becomes a part of the family, memories are built and treasured with our fuzzy or not so fuzzy friends.  You and your family have received love and attention and, yes, even admiration and worship from this precious animal.

Perhaps your pet is still living with you and you would just like to have a beautiful book to share with others about your special friend.  Or, perhaps this special fuzzy member of the family is not longer with you day by day but lives on in your heart and memories.

The Unique Life Story Pet Memorial Package includes the following:

  1. Two hours of face-to-face interviews where you share your special memories and stories
  2. Professionally laid-out pages with your pictures or artifacts photographed and the stories professionally written
  3. Leather-bound book in full color on glossy, high-quality, acid free pages.

Call today to find out how to immortalize your special pet with a fitting tribute as a special way to remember a beloved pet for years to come and one that will bring you joy when your pet has gone on.  You can have this special book in your hands within a few weeks.

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