Cataract Surgery and Life

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We started 2017 with quite a bang, quite frankly. On January 1, my husband and I flew into Albuquerque, NM from Richmond, Virginia where we had spent Christmas with one of our daughters. After spending the night, drove to Flagstaff, AZ, by way of our home in the Four Corners area to exchange cars. Quite a busy travel day of several hundred miles!

Tuesday, January 3, I began my adventure with eye surgery. Realizing that many people have had cataract surgery, my experience has not been not unusual, fortunately. The only thing that makes my cataracts different is that they developed very quickly. So, everything about all this has happened in quick succession.

"Carol C McLaren"

Here I am!

The surgery date was set for the following Tuesday, January 10 at 8:15 a.m. Now I am in that between-state that can be really confusing. What I can see so well with one eye means I can see nothing with the other eye! And, my glasses aren’t much help because the correction between the two is too different. That is how I understood the doctor to explain why I see more than double with the clear glass in one lens while the other lens still as the old prescription.

So, I have spent this week learning now to look around with one eye while putting in lots of drops! It is getting easier and that is happy news.

Mom and her deep-set eyes


Here is what is interesting to me. Without my glasses, I look a lot like my mother. I have the same deep-set eyes which I didn’t even know I had until after Tuesday’s surgery when I got distance vision. As readers of this blog know, my mother died at 52, almost 40 years ago. I am almost 10 years older than that now and our coloring is very different, but I now can see that I look much like her. I guess that is the way it usually works—we resemble to some extent our parents and grandparents and ancestors. That is what makes up families! Sometimes it is not just the physical characteristics that we share. Perhaps we share interests or preferences.
Deep set eyes run in the family

Ida Garrett Burney, my maternal grandmother

What are your physical characteristics that carry through from generation to generation? Perhaps there is a shared interest that carries from generation to generation. In my case, cooking and reading and teaching are the generational interests that run through my family. My grandparents were teachers as were my parents and as well as I have been. Even one of my daughters is still involved in education. And, my ancestors were involved in farming and country living. Now, my brother, Mark, has returned to the land, buying a little piece of property outside of the big city where he has lived for decades.

This is a short post, but I really can’t see very much yet. So, enjoy my silly observations and take a little time to think of the similarities you share with your parents and grandparents! Look at it the other way, how do your children and grandchildren resemble you? It is fun exercise for this new year as we look to tell our stories.

And, remember, when you are ready to tell your story, we are ready to help!

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