A New Unique Life Stories Is Coming in 2018

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Can you believe it? Without warning, almost, 2018 is underway. Amazingly, twenty-nine sunrises of three hundred and thirty-five have already occurred. How many of those have you enjoyed so far? I have seen a few and hope to enjoy many more. I think I will do better at seeing sunsets. They come at a more convenient time! I am still trying to catch up on writing 2018 when I write a date on a page or a check.

A new year gives us the opportunity to make resolutions to become a better us. Perhaps we decide to exercise. My husband and I bought a small home gym to get into shape as we meet aging face to face and with some determination not to succumb to too much deterioration, too fast. Or, perhaps you have vowed to lose those few pounds and are looking at eating healthier as 2018 moves along.

Or, perhaps this is the year you are ready to actually share your stories with family and friends. January is a great time to get started, and we here at Unique Life Stories will be sharing some ideas to help you get started.
With the calendar declaring a new year, this is a good time to begin again. And, here at Unique Life Stories, we are also going to make some changes. First, our website will be revamped to reflect a new place in my life.

After all, I no longer live in Virginia, but now live in the high desert of Arizona. My husband retired from one job and started a new one. I changed careers as well. So, the changes go on and on in all kinds of areas.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about 2018 and some changes we need to make here at ULS. It is time to revamp our business and our website. Be on the lookout for changes and new directions and a new logo. These changes promise to be an exciting journey, and we welcome you to join us.

This new year, 2018, is unremarkable in some ways—not like a change in decades or centuries or even millennia. However, there are a few facts that stand out.

One hundred years ago was a turbulent time. The fighting of World War One, the Great War, The War to End All Wars, ceased across Europe. As many as eight million people had died with half that many were maimed. Added to that disaster, the Spanish Flu Pandemic had killed millions more.

Rev. G. Russell Collmer

Grandfather Collmer went off to war hopeful for a better world.

There was a general disillusionment about war and life in general as Europe faced the death of so many of its young men, leaving behind many women and lots of orphans. This war changed the lives of both of my grandfathers, one fought in the trenches in Europe and the other was a Merchant Marine.

Of course, from the advantage of time, we know that in the decades after that war, more wars and conflicts and deaths loomed in the future; economic disaster was just over the horizon in the Great Depression, followed by the Second World War. And, society is still undergoing great changes in dozens of areas.

Ah, but that is all in the past. We are looking to the future and the promise and hope it holds. The stories from the past help prepare us for the future. We must be ready to embrace what is coming.

For now, we are under construction. We look forward to showing you our new look and plans to help each of us to better share our stories and build our legacy.

Remember, when you are ready to tell your story…we are ready to help!

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  1. Janet Phelps
    Posted February 5, 2018 at 4:27 pm | Permalink

    I can’t wait to see the changes! I’m excited. :)

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