Solar Eclipse 2017–Once in a Lifetime Experience

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Recently, my husband and I took a quick trip and saw the eclipse in Idaho last week. It was just an amazing event I thought I would share it with you, along with some pictures.

We had visited the Grand Canyon with our family the week before. After they had returned home, Don and I drove to southern Utah and visited Zion and Bryce canyons, along with some beautiful natural areas. Afterwards, we drove through eastern Utah and Western Nevada—very different parts from the mountains and canyons of southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

We spent Sunday night in Jackpot, Nevada, on the border of Idaho. A short night in the small hotel meant we could get up early and drive the less than fifty miles to Twin Falls to catch a bus for a tour with the Chamber of Commerce. More than 300 people all became fast friends while we loaded up in the dark, grabbing water and snacks for the trip north to Mackay, Idaho, a place of totality (full eclipse).

The more than three-hour trip passed pleasantly as we watched the sun rise in the east—to our right. I wondered if it knew it was to be a leading player of our day—just silly early morning thoughts.

We arrived in Mackay, met by both a police car and the sheriff. They wondered what seven buses arriving at the city park just after 9 a.m. on a Monday morning could possibly mean. Mackay is a small town of just over a few hundred people. Supposedly, we were expected and soon disembarked. My husband spied two wooden picnic tables across the park, and we quickly grabbed our places with a few other people, exchanging names and short introductions. Don looked online to get the times for what would happen in the eclipse for us there Mackay. He wrote the times down to help us keep track of the eclipse.

Our tour was arranged by the Chamber of Commerce in Twin Falls, and the promised astronomer never materialized. The wonders of the internet and our shared pool of knowledge, along with some articles people had brought on gave us a fascinating day together.

One lady pulled out an article that talked about the effect seen in the shadows of tree leaves. So, several of us went in search of the phenomenon. Others punched a small hole in a piece of cardboard one lady had in her purse. One couple had their camera on a tripod, ready to take the pictures. The needed filter came in a package of two, so they shared their extra with Don. We had bought a set of special binoculars to use in looking at the sun.

As you can see, we all worked together to make a special event spectacular. I am sharing my pictures with some explanations, so you can enjoy this natural phenomenon with me.

Sharing our unusual experiences is one way we connect through the generations. Have you shared some extraordinary experience with a family member today?

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